A Haiku, The Deer

This morning I was looking out the front windows of my house, watching the deer pass through. It is always something interesting to watch. The doe looks around and remains ever vigilant when the fawns break out into playful fits. When their hooves hit the dirt road that borders my property, their interest changed. They were intrigued as they always are when they step onto the road. So I decided to write a haiku encapsulating both my perspective and the perspective of the deer.

Doe watches her young
Your road cuts through my forest
Fawns frolic freely

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Travis J. McRoy 2021 All Rights Reserved

A Poem, To The Father, a Daughter

I will start off by saying I do not have a daughter. I have two young sons that I love very much. However, that does not mean that I do not think about what it would be like to have a daughter. I always try to daydream about the type of father I would be to her. I always ask myself questions like, “would I be the type of father pounding my fist when a young man pulls up to the house to take her to dinner and a movie? Or would I be the type of father to smile and wave and shake the young man’s hand and wish them the best?” I like to think that it would be a mix of both because I am naturally very protective of my children and very respectful to everyone I meet. Needless to say, I would most likely have a happy countenance for the occasion.

So at this point, one may be asking themselves, “why is this sap writing a blog about being a father to a daughter when he doesn’t have one?”

I’m not! The blog is over! I’m just joking, please don’t leave.

My rebuttal, I suppose, would be that in a recent novel that I wrote, I had to put myself into the mind of a character and ultimately had to immerse myself in what it would feel like to be in his position. He has a daughter that he loves very much, but certain situations arise that keep him from seeing her. It weighs on his mind throughout the novel, and he finally decides to defy the antagonist in the story and visit her. I kept that previous sentence vague on purpose to not post any spoilers for my novel.

Out of the twenty chapters in the novel, that chapter was the most emotional. It tugged on my heartstrings, to be honest. So I figured it’d be a good idea to pass on some good vibes and a positive message depicting how I would feel towards my daughter by sharing a visual with the chapter introduction included.

The intention of the above writing was to give the vibe of “the father is the first true love of the daughter.”

Parents tend to go out of their comfort zone and continuously challenge themselves to find ways to communicate with their children as they get older. The character in my novel does just that. He writes a poem for his daughter, which he calls doggerel, but I don’t think it’s too bad! You be the judge!

It is called “A father’s love for his daughter.”

The night you were born changed my life forever,
I was a man without purpose until I touched your hand,
Your existence so pure and true renewed me, however,
It was then that I began to understand,
The evils of this world have no dominion on a soul so pure,
A father’s love for his daughter is without condition,
Your infectious smile and laughter were my cure,
Such love would make even the most unrighteous express contrition,
Grab the world and hold it in the palm of your hand, my dear,
To a father, the daughter is his world, holding her so humble,
Understand that the unknowns in life deserve respect but not fear,
From the first steps to your adversities in life, I will be there to catch you when you stumble,
With Grace and majesty, the daughter walks through this life,
The father, so proud of such a creation, is filled with love and absent of strife.

At this point in my life, I will probably have to continue living vicariously through my friends who have daughters and even my sons if they grow up to have daughters.
Anyway, I hope I achieved my goal of passing on some positive vibes by writing this blog and really wish the best to everyone who reads it.

Feel free to comment. I love to hear feedback on the poems or the overall messages I am trying to convey.
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Travis J. McRoy 2021 All Rights Reserved.
Image by jun yang from Pixabay 

A Haiku, The Wildflowers

Yesterday morning I was staring out my kitchen window and got fixated on vibrant colors poking out of the leaf-covered ground in the woods. I dismissed it for the time being but kept checking on the spot throughout the day. Later on in the day, I finally caved and took a walk to see what exactly I was fixated on all day. It turns out it is a patch of wildflowers growing in the woods! So, needless to say, I wrote a haiku about wildflowers.

Bloom forevermore
Wildflowers with no constraints
Vibrant colors bask

Let me know what you think!
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Travis J. McRoy 2021 All Rights Reserved
Image by Les Whalley from Pixabay 


I got a notification this morning that I hit 500 followers! The support in the WP community has been out of this world!
Hitting such a milestone, I figured it would be fun to continue with sharing some fun facts about myself. This time I’ll share 3 fun facts!

In no particular order….

Fun Fact #1) So this is a fun fact with multiple branches to it…
My favorite actor is James Stewart and my favorite actress is Grace Kelly. They both star in the movie Rear Window which also happens to be my favorite movie.

Fun Fact #2)
I work in the IT industry but also have the proclivity to DIY (do it yourself) on home projects. Here is a recent project I completed, adding a fireplace.



Fun Fact #3)
I love giving gifts instead of receiving them. In 2019 my wife and I donated five iPads to the local autism clinic where my son is a patient. The bottom line is that this technology helped us communicate with our son. I felt that with the clinic’s tireless efforts, it was time to give back to them, which felt great!

I can’t say enough how grateful I am! Thank you so much for the support thus far!
I appreciate every comment and interaction and look forward to many more!

If you are reading this and not a follower of mine, please feel free to read over my blog, follow, like, etc., and I’ll show the same respect!

Short and sweet!
Thank you again for all of the support!!!!

A Poem, The Devil visits

I wrote this poem alongside a chapter introduction of my upcoming novel. I had just finished the chapter introduction and the character dialogue when the below poem fell into place, so I just went with the flow.
I’ve added the chapter introduction and the dialogue directly after the poem to give more context. In short, a devil descended on an obscure little town in the guise of a jester, psychologically breaking each of the characters promising each of them a nirvana. He visits at the lowest points of their lives, hoping to break them and gain their allegiance.  

Keep the devil at bay by saying no
His whipping forked tongue will spew words of deception
Do not weary or waver; never let go
Do not pay with your soul for a lonely damnation
The devil won’t let you sleep, whispering specious delight
He doesn’t care about the good or bad you’ve done
Do not be tempted and let the mind benight
He’ll say anything to get you wrapped in the twisted web he’s spun
If it’s love lost, do not turn to the devil for advice
The devil doesn’t know love; he’s never had his heart broken
Let the bloody footprints of your shattered world lead to God’s paradise
Times of strife test the mettle of humanity; confidence is the token
The tried-and-true stand tall against the devil and his lies
When the devil is beaten, step on his tail as you begin to rise

Here is the chapter introduction and dialogue that spawned the poem:

Portrait of a young man, a lost soul, searching for a purpose at the bottom of a bottle in a pitch-black room. His blinks grow more lethargic with every sip of his flask. He focuses on an unfamiliar silhouette sitting at his dinner table. To preserve the last of his energy for tipping his flask, he squints and takes another lethargic blink from his rocking chair. At this moment, the silhouette melts away from the table. Jacob, slightly confused, attributes the experience to his impairment.

A shrill voice cuts the air breaking the silence that had fallen over the room.

Ahh, Jacob Riley. Jacob, the town drunk. Jacob, the black sheep of the Riley family,” teased the jester, shaking his head in disgust.

“Look what you’ve turned into these days. A shadow of your former self. Your life swirls and circles at the bottom of that bottle as you look at me with that pitiful stare. There is nothing left for you in this world. I can take all of those pains away from you if you just let me,” said the jester putting his hands together in prayer.

“I don’t make deals with devils,” retorted Jacob in a slurred voice with his flask barely breaking away from his lips.

“And who are you to talk to me about looks anyways? Look at you. You’re dressed as a jester and promising a nirvana,” said Jacob squinting at the jester with a scowl.

The jester cracked an evil smirk, briefly revealing his jagged teeth but remained silent.

Jacob continued his patronizing, “I’m curious though, what is your price these days, devil? Is it the soul like people always say?”

“In a manner of speaking, yes, it is. Painless, I assure you, Jacob. The life you’ve lived, your soul probably doesn’t mean much to you these days anyway, does it? The life of loneliness and the grave you’ve dug for yourself, such a pit of despair,” quipped the jester as he inspected a dust-covered book on a shelf.

“So, I pay with my soul, and I get a nirvana?”

“Whatever are your utmost desires. Imagine it, if you will, no longer living in your uncle’s shadow. All of the power you could ever dream of, my friend,” said the jester as his eyes grew big, raising his hands trying to guide Jacob’s vision.

“I’ve got one question for you though, devil,” said Jacob pointing at the jester with his flask.

“Please, Jacob, you’ve earned it. What is your query?”

“Why would I pay with my soul for an eternity of loneliness when loneliness is free?”

“You see the conundrum, jester?”

“Perhaps I’ve underestimated your wit. Despite being impaired, your mind remains sharp. Think over my proposal, Jacob. It won’t be available forever,” answered the jester, waving his sharpened index finger at Jacob.

The jester made his way behind Jacob, rubbing the back of his chair as he passed, “keep your flask tipped up. It’s the only way you’ll be happy in this lifetime. With me, you’ll have it all.”

Jacob’s chair let out a loud creak breaking the silence as he sat up, “Leaving so soon? It’s not often I get to see a nervous devil in a room full of rocking chairs. Watch your tail, devil,” teased Jacob as he rocked in his chair.

“Clever, Jacob. I’ll see you again soon,” hissed the jester as he snapped his fingers and vanished in a flash.

“Pssh, a nirvana,” scoffed Jacob as he took a drink from his flask.

Jacob sat silently with disdain painted on his face, upset with how his life had played out thus far. He brought the flask back up to his mouth and abruptly threw it where the jester had disappeared.

Let me know what you think!
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Travis J. McRoy 2021 All Rights Reserved

An Inspirational Poem, The Graveyard of Hopes

I recently came up with this poem out of thin air. I got all situated to start a new chapter in a novel I am working on and got entirely sidetracked with creating a poem. I’d get a verse down and say, “okay, I’ll finish it tomorrow.” However, as I am sure you are all aware, when the creative juices begin to flow, they do not calm quickly. I caved in and finished the poem.

The point and purpose of the words are to touch on the fear of collecting countless failures. We soon realize that the failures are guarded by a glasshouse that we created in our minds. It is meant to inspire hope and flush out the desire to quit, ultimately replacing it with the desire to persevere.

The Graveyard of Hopes

My efforts futile, so I lay you in the ground next to the others,
With a deep breath and a sigh, I continue forward, anticipating defeat,
A modicum of happiness as I lay my burdens down anxiety smothers,
I file down the fangs of failure as I refuse to retreat,
It feels different this time something changed within me,
Hope cloaked in specious delight, but still, I falter,
I lay you into the ground asking how can it be,
With a blood-soaked tongue I say, it is my mind I must alter,
Determination amassed a graveyard of failures that cannot die in vain,
Armed and bemedaled with a mountain of mental fortitude,
I resile not as you huff and puff from your glasshouse, ignorant to my pain,
Refusing to bury another, I throw rocks as the words elude,
The Graveyard of Hopes, a glasshouse that shatters quickly in fear,
Atop my summit, I mourn my losses, nurturing the graveyard with a tear.

Thanks for reading!

Travis J. McRoy 2021 All Rights Reserved.

A Poem, The Ill-fated Astronaut

Dramatis Personae: A 40’s something astronaut and his escape pod, which is now his coffin of sorts.
Setting: Deep space

This poem follows the last few moments of an astronaut on an ill-fated space mission. Out of desperation, he rushed to an escape pod. Due to an explosion of the shuttle, the pod’s trajectory was thrown off course.

Mission control, I’m off course
Were the last words that I spoke
I float in space with no chance of recourse
A victim of fate’s cruel practical joke
Two hours of battery life remains
I smother the hunger pains with my pills
The silence of space so deafening, my mind strains
My lips crack as blood fills
One hour left, as I hear the chime
I press a picture of my family against my lips
Understanding that I am now on borrowed time
Hallucinations from the pills as my mind slips
The time has come, as darkness falls
Desolation is now my bride
The escape pod judders and stalls
Aimlessly through space, I shall glide
The welcoming sight of a black hole
At least the devil won’t get my soul

Let me know what you think!
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Travis J. McRoy 2021 All Rights Reserved

A Haiku, The Sunrise

We had such a beautiful sunrise this morning. It always seems like, after bad storms pass through, we always get a beautiful sunrise the following day. So I wrote this haiku to encapsulate the experience.

Nighttime surrenders
Vibrant light beams cut the dark
Sun blooms the new day

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Travis J. McRoy 2021 All Rights Reserved
Image by Lars_Nissen from Pixabay 

A Poem, No More Pins

I wrote this poem yesterday, and it is written from an interesting perspective. It is a doll that knows its purpose but does not want to be punished for wrongdoings anymore.

I anticipate the pins
Sharp with pain, it pierces me
Now the healing begins
My lips sewn shut but still I plea
I don’t want to feel this pain
I see the hand approach to punish again
With all my might, I strain
I’ll continue to grow my disdain
Ironic that I am the enforcer of revenge
I breathe in all the hate my lungs can hold
Through my pain and suffering, I’ll avenge
Through my eyes, I can watch your demise unfold
I am not a doll but an effigy to punish thee
Please stop doing wrong; I do not want pins in me

Let me know what you think!
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Travis J. McRoy 2021 All Rights Reserved

A Haiku, The Critters

I was creek fishing a few years ago, and I cast my line upstream and noticed what looked like a skinny log coming towards me. I stepped to the side to let it pass by and saw it slither in the stream. It was a snake. I said to myself, “hmm, that was interesting,” and continued on with my fishing. Within a minute, here come two more “skinny logs.” Two more snakes coming downstream. I decided to move out of the water for a moment to try a different lure. I was curious about the snakes all of a sudden coming downstream. I was fishing in that creek for at least two hours before the snakes came floating by. I looked in the sky and noticed birds flying with great haste as if they were in a hurry to move out of the area. No sooner I finished the thought, there was a fierce earth-shaking lightning strike. What followed was the worst storm we had in that area for the entire summer. It caused flash floods, downed trees, power outages—even a tornado briefly touchdown. I often think about that experience. There was no doubt the critters in the area knew something was coming our way.
Nature is an incredible thing. Needless to say, I wrote a haiku about the experience!

Whipping winds, dark clouds
Lightning crashes the silence
Critters keen senses

Let me know what you think!
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Travis J. McRoy 2021 All Rights Reserved
Image by illusion-X from Pixabay