Wow! So, I hit 700 followers the other day!
I haven’t been posting much because I wanted to make it a point to enjoy the summer months as much as I can, so this achievement caught me by surprise.
As I am typing this post about hitting 700 followers, I also noticed that I recently passed the “100 posts” mark!

Anyway, staying true to my previous achievement posts, I will share a fun fact.

Fun fact: My birthday was last week!
A lot of people like to say, “ugh, another year.”
However, I like to say, “we are like fine wines getting better with age!”
What can I say; I am an eternal optimist.

I decided to create an Instagram account if anyone wants to connect: @travisjamesmcroy33
or scan this name tag/QR Code below to add me!

I am not too active on there because I recently created it. However, I will peruse through your posts, like, and follow back.

Again, I’d like to say thank you so much for the support thus far!
I appreciate every comment and interaction and look forward to many more!

If you are reading this and not a follower of mine, please feel free to read over my blog, follow, like, etc., and I’ll show the same respect!

Short and sweet!
Thank you again for all of the support!!!!

103 thoughts on “700 Followers!

    1. Good question! I posted on a consistent schedule. For me, I would post once or twice a day. That was my manageable sweet spot for posting and avoiding burnout. I always left my posts open for feedback/comments and encouraged discussions. WP is a fantastic and supportive community. If you give, you’ll get back. By that, I mean I would spend a few hours a day going through posts from other bloggers, liking if I liked the material, and ultimately following if I wanted to see more. The two most important pieces of advice that I can give are “find your niche” and “post engaging content.” Perusing through your posts, I see that you already have those parts nailed down. Excellent material, by the way! You have a new follower, me! Haha!
      Also, some bloggers offer “promote your blog” opportunities. Always take advantage of those opportunities.
      As an example, PhoebeMD does it regularly. Actually, this post was just done on 9/18/21, so be sure to take part while it is open! It is worth it!
      Any other questions feel free to send me an email or comment!
      I really hope this helps. All the best!


    1. Yeah I’ll be back to posting very soon. I have a few in the hopper. Exactly! I felt, I spent the time wisely, making memories. 😁 OoOoOh! Well, take your time with it and I can’t wait to hear your thoughts. Also, I have been working on the sequel for it. It is a doozy, hehe. Be sure to let me know when you finish because I’ll share something exclusive from the upcoming sequel. So good to hear from you, Michele!


  1. Hey Travis,
    Thanks for following me on Instagram. I followed you back. And Happy belated birthday! 🥳 Almost everyone I know has birthdays in September. What day is yours? Congratulations on reaching 700 followers. Hope you’re having a great weekend. ☀️🍂⛵️💫🙂

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    1. That’s great! Thanks for the follow and the birthday wishes I appreciate it. Mine is on the 14th. I’m still trying to get my place of work to observe it as a holiday but they aren’t biting. 😂
      Thanks for being a part of it all from the beginning. It’s been a delight interacting with you.😁

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    1. Thank you so much for the support! Thanks for reading and following my blog. I just followed you as well. I read some of your posts where you were making food and now I am hungry, haha. The stir fry and the chicken curry yummy. 😁

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      1. Thank you for following! I like poetry and those you write are very good! I have heard of Haiku but did not know it could be applied to the Western prose! I generally like reading and found your blog through discover….anyway thanks for stopping by and commenting! Take care and stay safe!

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