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Curse of The Walking Man

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A new king of your nightmares has arrived in your town. You will not be able to look, travel, or live how you wish because The Walking Man has come to claim you. You can delay the inevitable, but for how long? Cower in fear, and hug your loved ones and live your sad condemned life to the fullest, or look upon The Walking Man and be claimed.

The Creature of Humanity

Carry that burden on your shoulders to preserve humanity. Every man or woman has looked to the sky and asked, “why do we exist?” Perhaps, it is not the skies we should be looking towards, but our fellow man or woman for they may be what sustains humanity.

Curse of The Walking Man: The Jester

He has come to offer you a nirvana. Praise him, and he will give you all the wants, desires, or pleasures you have ever dreamt of. Praise him until your jaw is broken. Yes, praise him and follow.

Curse of The Walking Man Book Trailer

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