Tragic Storm

I recently found this blog by Ali Marie. Extremely talented young woman! When I read this post, I couldn’t get over her writing style, so I just had to share it. This is an excellent post. She is new to the blogging world, so please feel free to like, follow, etc.. Trust me, it is worth it. I seriously hope to do some sort of collaboration with her in the future.

Such Is Life

Inky clouds veiled the night sky, filtering in

Rain pelting on my porcelain skin

Sounds of God’s bowling from up above

A beautiful ballad to be sung

Deafening roars tumbled around

Then silence ascended, hearing no sounds

Streaks of white flared the world alight

Crackling loud, a magical sight

Ceaseless drops chilled my bones

Restless thoughts invade of the unknown

Sorrow absorbing all the air

Loneliness? Despair? I almost can’t bare

Vortex of winds swirl about

Frightening visions unfold as I cry out

By: A.Stuebbe

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22 thoughts on “Tragic Storm

      1. Aww, thanks! That was kind of you to say! Well that would be super duper! I’d greatly appreciate it. Only if you feel it is deserving that is. 🤗 Here’s to us crushing the collaboration! 🥂

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      2. Haha! No prob at all, all good. I can relate to that! Totally understandable. I exhaust myself with my two kids and then when I try to write my brain says, “ha nope!” “Try” being the key word.

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      3. Yesss! You get it! My two kids just run me around like a mad women, haha. We also had my daughters birthday party today, so a bunch of kids and socializing is one way to drain all of my mental energy. 😅

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      4. Hahaha! Omg! How are you functioning at all right now?!?!? 😂 Those birthday parties are always crazy! For sure, I feel for you right now. So now you’ll recharge for a few hours and rest, then repeat! It’s a vicious cycle. I use the thought process that if I’m exhausted by the end of the day I done good as a dad. 😁👍 For pulling off a birthday party and socializing, I give you 💯 points. Lol I’m so awkward.

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      5. Words of truth right there. A vicious cycle, but so worth it. I like that, the thought process you have. Parenting can be challenging and most definitely unpredictable, but just putting in the time/energy to run around with them and everything in between is what they need. And to see that smile on their face at the end of the day when you tuck them in is when you know that you did good that day 🙂

        And your awkward?! Uhm… hi. 👋🏼 I’m awkward too 😬 I mean, you should see me when I have to talk to a cashier. It’s cringe worthy 🤣

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      6. It is so worth it. The family values that it instills in them. They’ll remember all of those times and pay it forward to their kids. Just to see that smile on their faces is reassurance that we are doing a good job. It shows the fruits of our labor. For some reason, my singing makes them laugh, so I just go with it. I’ll sing Winnie the Pooh songs, Blippi songs, etc.. Is it sad that I know all of the lyrics to all of the Blippi songs? Lol, or maybe it is an indication I am a good dad? I dunno… lol
        HAHA! Yay! Nice to meet you, Awkward Ali! We are both awkward.🤣 “Uh hi, words with things, here’s this paper I pay you with.” The cashier looks at you like…ummm….okayyyy…. Reminds me of the time I asked the cashier what the weight limit is on the checkout conveyer belt. She looked at the belt and stammered, “I don’t know, I can ask my manager.” I almost pressed the issue. hahaah!

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      7. Don’t get me started on Blippi… 🤣 both my kids were obsessed with him for a hot minute, haha. As I’m writing this, I am not sure how my eyes are still open since I had to socialize AGAIN today for my daughters friends birthday party. Lol. Two birthday parties in a row… phew.

        Also, you should have pressed the issue just to see 😅 but cheers to us being awkward! That should honestly be my middle name. Everyone who knows me would be like, yeah, that makes sense. Lol.

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      8. But, but, but I’m an excavator hey dirt see you later! Oops. Uhh umm…went full Blippi there. Whatttt! Another one! How are you holding up!?!? That’s insane. My first thought was yum cake but ugh two days in a row haha.
        Haha, that’s just how we roll. 😎
        Haha! I’ll go back and get the same cashier and ask again, but dig in a bit.
        You are funny! Lol 😂
        I asked a worker outside at one store “is this store open to the general public?” And he looked at me like I was insane. It was a big chain store which made it all the funnier.

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      9. Ahh! Now I am going to have Blippi stuck in my head for the night. Not Okay, haha.

        Yes! Two parties, but here I am. I survived it. Lol. I think the cake is what gave me that extra boost to my energy to push through.. well, until I crashed.

        I think what you need to do is document the questions you ask and how the people react, haha. “The journal of being awkward” or something like that. We both should, and then we can compare! Hmm.. maybe I can write on my blog all the ways I am awkward and introverted and tell the story as they happen. Ha! There may be too many though, since I am who I am.

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      10. Haha! I’ll admit this..I was trying to get it stuck in your head. I know, that was mean! 😭That song was stuck in my head yesterday.
        Yeah the cake was your fuel to get you through it. Oh I bet when the sugar and adrenaline wore off you crashed hard. Reminds me of Stewie Griffin when he had his first soda. Not sure if you’ll get that reference or not, lol.
        Hahah! I never thought of that. That’d be a really funny idea. Ask awkward questions and do a blog on the reaction to it.
        Five years later, “guys this is my 10,000th awkward Ali post” 😂
        I think you should! I love this ad-lib brainstorming. It’s making me laugh like a lunatic.

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      11. LOL! Well I feel better that it was stuck in your head too.
        I know what your reference is from, but not specifically. I did not watch much family guy. (don’t hate me, haha).
        Oh my goodness! I honestly laughed so hard at that, just picturing that many awkward posts within 5 years. I read that in such a *girly* style voice in my head too, how a YouTuber would talk I guess. Lol.
        I just might do it now, and I love it too! Who knows… we could be on to something great!
        I mean I already have one I could write that happened this afternoon, haha.

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      12. It’s been years since I’ve watched Family Guy, but I do remember that part from it.
        Bahahha! That’s what I was going for with it, like the classic “hi everyone it’s me Awkward Ali be sure to like or subscribe to my content, so this is my 10,000th awkward Ali post!”
        LOL, you’d have to average 2,000 posts a year, almost 6 posts per day, but you’d have to post every single day for 5 years. You better get plugging away if you want to make that goal, Ali. #blogGoals! 😂
        I agree we could be on to something here! Oh, please do tell about yesterday afternoon! Haha.

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      13. Well, shit… I really have to step up my game then! Haha.

        And it was a normal lack of understanding, but I just make things so much… more. Lol. The bagger at Publix had a mask on so I can barely understand anything he says because it all sounded muffled to me. At one point he either asked “Did you find everything okay? OR “How are you doing today?”.
        I literally stared at him creating the most awkward silence as I was internally processing what he may or may not have just said. Finally I went with thinking he said “How am I?”
        I then said, ” I am great! How about you?!”
        The look he gave me with his eyes seemed like he was confused for a minute, meaning he DID NOT ask how I was. Bahaha. It just kept snowballing because I even after that he kept striking up conversation and the whole time I am playing a guessing game at how to respond. Lol.

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      14. HAHAAA! I was legit lol’ing because I can just picture that whole scene…that awkward heavy silence that you can cut with a knife. That is soooo good hahaha! I’m dying over here. The fact he continued on and you just tried guessing the whole time. I love it!
        Cashier: Good thing you got this, last day it is on sale.
        Ali: Oh, no no I do not like junk mail, I agree.
        (awkward silence)
        Cashier: So, beautiful day out bet you will be taking these little kids to the park.
        Ali: Ahh, nah we don’t live too far away I’ll be home before dark. Bye take care! (big smile)
        Cashier: wtf just happened?!
        Thanks for making me laugh with this! Much needed!

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      15. Haha! YES! You hit the mark on how the conversation pretty much went. I could not get out of there fast enough. This is too good.
        And you’re welcome! Glad I could give you a good laugh. Lol.

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