A Haiku, The Dust Bowl

I recently watched a documentary on The Great Depression and the Dust Bowl. During this time, the nation was hit with economic hardship. It started with the stock market crash of 1929, and then severe droughts caused massive dust storms that choked the land in the early 1930s.
Needless to say, I wrote a haiku about this moment in history!

The barren land thirsts
Dust clouds mountains tall choke life
The Great Depression

Let me know what you think!
Thanks for reading!
Image by amazingsdj from Pixabay 

33 thoughts on “A Haiku, The Dust Bowl

    1. Thanks so much for the compliment, Kym!😁 I can only imagine what that time was like… The people in financial ruins, trying their best to survive, farming, and then a severe drought takes over, drying out the land, which helped spawn the dust storms—quite the phenomenon.

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      1. Indeed it is Travis and you’re quite welcome. The stories of those who survived these monumental challenges and natural disasters are to be commended for finding a way to make it through and rise above these things that could have easily taken them out if they allowed it to. Thanks so much for sharing Travis! 👏🏼😊💖

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      1. Same here! I try to make it a point to learn something new every single day. I’ve been stuck on WWI for over a year now, lol. I’ll leave it for a bit and go right back to it. History is just so fascinating.

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      2. I need to go back to WWI as I’ve spent so much time on WWII. Next week I’m going to a nearby battlefield (one of my favs) because I’m a Civil War nut. And tonight I’m watching The American West season 1 again. I’m hopeless. Ha! I’m sure I’ll sway back to ancient civilizations. I watched a fascinating documentary on Alexander the Great in Nat Geo a few weeks ago. Oh my! I love historical fiction movies as well as those based on real life. History is indeed fascinating!

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      3. I am geeking out right now! WWII and the Civil War! That’s awesome and exciting! I just watched a movie last week called Glory. It’s in the Civil War rotation of movies haha! And I’ll admit this, I did buy Ken Burns The Civil War blu-ray boxset back in like 2016. I couldn’t resist. I’m a believer that if we stop learning from and about history we are doomed to repeat it. I am a wee bit obsessed with the ancient Egypt. So I am with you there! lol

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      4. Are we family members just now uniting? Glory is one of my favorites and I have Ken Burns series too! My office was always decorated with Abraham Lincoln memorabilia that I had collected! The teachers just laughed at me. PS~in 2002 I went to Egypt and was fortunate to have a train from Alexandria to Cairo and tour the Great Pyramids by camel. I flew there the day President Bush declared war. Maybe not so smart. But oh so memorable!

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      5. No wayyy!!! Haha. That is hilarious. I think maybe we are family members. That is crazy! Honest Abe! Excellent decor choice. I have a novelty t-shirt that I’ll have to share with you with him on it. They were just jealous of your awesome memorabilia haha. I have 8 framed WWI posters(reproductions) that I am hanging in my office. I can’t wait! You were in Egypt 😭 ughhhhh. I am so jealous! You rode a camel to the great pyramids! That is my dream trip!!!! I’ve been wanting to go since I was little. Yikes on the timeframe you went. Glad it all worked out but wow that had to be quite the experience. I love Expedition Unknown with Josh Gates he did an awesome documentary, Egypt Live, which only increased my want and need to visit there.
        I just uploaded my Honest Abe novelty t-shirt to my site:

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      6. Travis!!! This is awesome!! I love that shirt. I must order one, brother 😉! Yes, they were peanut butter and jealous. Ha! I love your posters for your office! I was so fortunate to go on my trips. And I have so many more that I dream about! Expedition Unknown is fantastic! Have an awesome evening and week my friend! Blessings!

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      7. Haha! It’s my favorite t-shirt, for good reason. I got it from threadless.com here is the link for reference. https://www.threadless.com/shop/@threadless/design/abraham/mens/t-shirt/regular?color=heather_grey
        Lol “peanut butter and jealous” 😂
        I have a list for myself of places I must go. I’ll have to start going soon if I ever want to clear it, too many and a wee bit ambitious. Thank you so much! You too! Let’s have a great week! 😁👍

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