Bark Back at The World

“The world will bark back at you, Elias. Do you cower in fear, fall in-line, or do you bark back and maybe take a bite out of the world? What makes you is how you react to that bark.”

This is the advice given by an older character trying to motivate another character to continue his objective from my upcoming novel, The Creature of Humanity.

I chose this quote because it speaks the truth on so many levels. Every day we wake, we set our feet outside of our homes and fend for ourselves (excluding 2020, of course). We go out into the world, into the daily grind, and face adversities and other forms of strife. Some days are little wins for ourselves, while others, we collapse into bed after a long day, unsure of how to face the unknowns of tomorrow. It is easier for one to fall in-line and be complacent, but like the old adage goes, “if something in life is worth having, then it is worth fighting for,” aka taking a bite of the world and reacting to the bark of the world.

Although it is the more challenging path, it is the correct path to “bark back.” What type of life would we be living if we all fell into line with the modus operandi and just wallowed in the mire? Not a fulfilling life at all.

Borrowing another quote from one of my novels because it fits this topic:

“Lies and manipulation are truth and normalcy to the ones that follow you sheepishly. The wolf among sheep approaches as an ally, just to get close to its prey. One by one, it takes, using lies and manipulation as its staple,”

This goes hand in hand with the reaction to the bark. The above quote is from a character that has exited a life of following sheepishly and is now confronting “the wolf among sheep,” as he calls it.

For a long time, I’d take a passive approach to certain situations and regret the stance later. I still sometimes struggle with flipping the switch to being assertive, but I have to admit I am getting much better. I chose this topic because it was something I struggled with earlier in my life. Call it a weakness, I suppose. I found that it stemmed from a lack of confidence and belief in myself. I just had to find the confidence within myself. I did this by going out of my element and comfort zone. It is a tough transition facing the world’s unknowns, but it is important not to fear them. Offer respect towards whatever unknown you are planning to face head-on, but never fear it.

Thanks for reading!


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