Rise Up and Turn Your Head Toward The Storm

2020 was such a crazy and yet interesting year for me. I have mentioned in previous blogs that I wrote my first novel. It took a lot of mental preparedness to finally push myself to achieve this goal, but it has been well worth it. One of the most exciting parts of creating my novel was coming up with the characters’ blueprints. When I created each character, I tried to make them so dynamic when it comes to characteristics. In this blog, I will focus on Jeffrey Riley’s (protagonist) better half/love interest, Genevieve.

Jeffrey Riley is a man who sits complacently. I found it interesting to write the main character in such a way because it is in touch with reality. Many people are stuck in the same vicious cycle daily, doing what they must to survive. Sometimes it takes something life-changing to force one to make an effort to change. It is no fault of our own it’s just the daily grind we created for ourselves. His love interest, Genevieve, is literally a prisoner of the moment. She gets wrapped up in Jeffrey’s world without choice. When she is first introduced, you quickly learn that she is an independent woman and a person of action that continually flirts with potential greatness. Jeffrey is ignorant of this information and her way of life and has no knowledge of how she survived in such a ruthless environment.

One of the main styles that I had written the female characters with was the thought that the journey will bring out their “true person” or “potential.” I’m a huge fan of strong female roles, so I wanted to make the moments memorable and meaningful. When I was writing this story, I sat for a few hours making lists of qualities that made up a strong female character and hid them under guises throughout the story.

While I was writing the above character blueprints, a question someone asked me years ago came to mind. The question was, “what makes a woman so special to you?”

I realized it was a serious question, and I answered it honestly.
“I believe women are truly a gift of God. What makes me say this is their ability to give life. Yes, a man plays a part in the role. However, the possession and responsibilities of giving birth are placed on the woman. This role was chosen on purpose; there is no doubt about it. To have the ability to bring life into this world proves just how important and great a woman truly is. Their strength, will, and the innate ability to bend but not break are truly remarkable and should be greatly appreciated.”

In my upcoming novel Curse of The Walking Man: The Jester, a female character is tired of flirting with her potential greatness and finally grabs it by the horns. She is sick of being considered an afterthought and is ready to stand front and center against the ruthless world.

With that, I’ll segue into a snippet of dialogue/visual graphic detailing the beginning of her rise. Also, to put the snippet into context, the year is 1901, with the story centering around a remote cursed town. The cursed town is virtually non-existent to the outside world as they have learned to avoid it at all costs. Genevieve travels into a neighboring town filled with marauders and finally breaks mentally, bringing forth a more assertive version of herself:

The above dialogue from Genevieve and the intensity of the moment is so pivotal for this character. It was the part of the story where you either step up or step aside.

Later on in the story, you get a taste of how her mindset has continued to change. Previously, the characters would question their next moves and take calculated risks. However, she is more proactive than reactive and more than willing to set a tone. Here is a snippet of dialogue with a visual:

When I started writing this character, I had an idea of the type of woman I wanted to emulate and really hoped to articulate it well into my novels. At this stage of the stories, I feel as though she has blossomed beyond my expectations. We have these ideas stored in our minds so well, we know how we want our characters to be portrayed. That’s the easy part. However, the characters’ actual manifestation and materialization into words is a whole different experience, which was a concern when I began writing this character. The female character mentioned in this blog means a lot to me on so many levels, and that fact is on full display throughout the story. Obviously, all of the characters mean a lot to me, but this one has a special spot in my heart. She is the manifestation of all of the great females I have ever encountered in my life bundled into one person.  

Thanks for reading!

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