Surely You Jest!

Random thoughts sort of blog, short and sweet!

Over the years, I’ve always bounced certain decisions off close friends or relatives of mine for insight and feedback. They all offered good advice, ultimately similar advice such as “what does your gut tell you to do?” and “just listen to the little person on your shoulder.” The one question I never asked them that I wish I had was, “what do you do if the little person on your shoulder is a jester?”

Every decision I have made, I battle with the jester of levity. It doesn’t matter what type of situation it is either. It isn’t due to the lack of empathy towards a given situation; it is just my nervous tick of sorts to dismiss things with levity. I’ve spent my earlier adult years taking life way too seriously, and it caused me to not enjoy it the way it was meant to be enjoyed. Needless to say, the little person, my gut instinct, turned into a jester, which I am fine with so long as I can control it. However, I do have to mention this, the inner monologue of my life being narrated by a jester, it does keep things mentally in check. You think of daily stressful decisions being put on a pedestal, they are so mentally draining for one to endure. The little jester on my shoulder helps me by reminding me to not sweat the small stuff.

Thanks for reading!

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