A Poem, Cast No Shadow

I put this poem together a few months ago. This chronicles a person struggling with his sanity, but we soon learn why at the end of the poem. The person casts no shadow, and it is really beginning to wear him down mentally. The sun stares at me like an accusing eyeThe moon by happenstance,Continue reading “A Poem, Cast No Shadow”

A Poem, The Pharaoh’s Curse

I’ve always had a huge interest in Ancient Egypt. So many enigmatic things surrounding the entire civilization. One of those enigmatic things, for me, is The Pharaoh’s curse. It was quite clear with a dire warning to not disturb the tombs. The speculation of the curse intensified after the opening of King Tutankhamun’s tomb. AllContinue reading “A Poem, The Pharaoh’s Curse”

A Poem, The Death of Death

I had planned to use this poem in my novel, Curse of The Walking Man, but it ended up not fitting. While The Walking Man uses death as a great equalizer and is a grim reaper of sorts, I found it essential not to sympathize with such a foul beast. I lurk in the shadows,Continue reading “A Poem, The Death of Death”

A Poem, The Lonely Zombie

I wrote this at the height of the zombie craze. I figured I would unleash it on the world at some point, and then I misplaced it and completely forgot about it. I finally found it a few minutes ago. The living run from me in fearI stagger because I’m starvingI let out a strainContinue reading “A Poem, The Lonely Zombie”

A Poem, The Whipping Boy

My wife was describing a part in a show she watches. She was telling me about how one character takes so much abuse due to the other characters’ mishaps. Naturally, I blurted out, “oh wow, like a whipping boy?” —-And there we go, I had a topic to keep me busy for the day, haha!Continue reading “A Poem, The Whipping Boy”

A Poem, The Gallows

Continuing with this kick of dark poetry that I am on, here is a macabre little nugget that I whipped up… Swinging in the windIronically with exuberant lifeWaiting for the one that sinnedHearts in dire torment bleeding strifeAround the necksThe hangman callsAnother life it wrecksPull the lever, the floor fallsThe noose whispers and singsDeath lurksContinue reading “A Poem, The Gallows”