A Poem, Escape The Room

Dramatis Personae: Six perfect strangers in search of an exit from an obscure little room.
Setting: A random room in the middle of Nowhereville, they should have read the signpost up ahead because they would know that they have just ventured into “The Twilight Zone”— sorry, couldn’t resist, haha!

This is no ordinary room; it is bountiful with hidden treasures that will surely spell their demise.

The phone! Screamed the woman with accusing eyes
A brilliant flash as a man turned to dust
The window! Screamed the woman as another dies
The woman shows her benevolence; it is me you can trust
We must work together, now turn on that light
The group hesitates before making the move
Another life was wasted as they huddle in fright
I’ll tell you how to escape, your loyalty you must prove
We are but three, but we will live
That camera has been watching us
Unplug it, so there is no pleasure to give
Another life lost as the remaining two discuss
The camera can’t see, it’s the door we should try
A man’s shaky hand reaches for the door
While the woman hides from the blast as the plan goes awry
The woman stands and apologies for all of the gore
You all followed sheepishly; I gave you no reason to trust me
But your deaths are not in vain, for now, I am free

This was a tale of survival and the personification of cunningness.
Sometimes it takes an indomitable will to survive.

Let me know what you think!

Travis J. McRoy 2021 All Rights Reserved

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