A Poem, The Pharaoh’s Curse

I’ve always had a huge interest in Ancient Egypt. So many enigmatic things surrounding the entire civilization. One of those enigmatic things, for me, is The Pharaoh’s curse. It was quite clear with a dire warning to not disturb the tombs.

The speculation of the curse intensified after the opening of King Tutankhamun’s tomb. All of the individuals who were present during the opening of the tomb, passed away from odd circumstances. The deaths, while unfortunate, I am sure, are hyperbole and have since been dismissed with some logic and science. Nonetheless, it is still an interesting topic to me.

I was just watching a documentary covering the curse of the pharaohs and decided to remain naïve a bit and write a fun little poem about the curse.

The eye of Horus watches over me
My tomb adorned with gifts
I sleep, but the eye can still see
The walls shake as the sand drifts
Shadows enter my tomb
With great haste, lust takes
Cementing their doom
As the curse now wakes
Bathed in my treasures
The shadows see no plight
For they came for pleasures
But the curse now will fight
My curse took the lives of four
Come back for my treasures, and it’ll surely take more

Let me know what you think!
Thanks for reading!

Travis J. McRoy 2021 All Rights Reserved.

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