A Poem, No More Pins

I wrote this poem yesterday, and it is written from an interesting perspective. It is a doll that knows its purpose but does not want to be punished for wrongdoings anymore.

I anticipate the pins
Sharp with pain, it pierces me
Now the healing begins
My lips sewn shut but still I plea
I don’t want to feel this pain
I see the hand approach to punish again
With all my might, I strain
I’ll continue to grow my disdain
Ironic that I am the enforcer of revenge
I breathe in all the hate my lungs can hold
Through my pain and suffering, I’ll avenge
Through my eyes, I can watch your demise unfold
I am not a doll but an effigy to punish thee
Please stop doing wrong; I do not want pins in me

Let me know what you think!
Thanks for reading!

Travis J. McRoy 2021 All Rights Reserved

31 thoughts on “A Poem, No More Pins

  1. Very neat idea. I also wrote a poem from a doll’s perspective, years ago. I would share it but who knows in which pit of my lost works it has been lost. Lol
    I think it’s such fun when a writer switches perspective like you have. Thanks you!

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    1. Glad you liked it! I always try to create something unique with my poems. You should try and find your poem! That’s really neat you did one as well. Thank you so much for reading and the compliment. 😁


    1. Muahahah! Good! I had fun doing this one. 😁 Thank you for saying that! The Crucible, there’s a beauty. I searched way too long for that image. I needed the perfect image to represent the creepy poem. Definitely worth it in the end. 🤗

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      1. Well, good, because I enjoyed reading it. 😄 The best part of that play is the dramatic ending, where Proctor chooses to not confess in writing and keep his reputable name instead. The poppet (doll) scenes are creepy, like your image. 😨 The poem is solid, can’t put a pin in that! haha

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      2. You often see it where the endings lose luster, and we are left feeling unsatisfied, but I agree, it was very dramatic, and I was happy with it. I appreciate the creepy scenes like you mentioned. Ahhhhh, I see what you did there! Clever Michele…very clever! 😂😁

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  2. Another interesting perspective. My friend used to work with a lady who was supposedly a voodoo master. I would have loved to gotten my hand on one of these dolls for someone that did me wrong, but never thought of it from the pain the doll endures. Very nice! 🙂

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    1. Haha! I hear you there! That’s what I was thinking too when I wrote it. We never hear it from the doll’s perspective. I figured it would create a unique experience and went for it. Thanks for the support!

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    1. Muhaha! Yes, definitely on the creepy side. Glad you loved it. I figured it was from an interesting perspective and just had some fun with it. Thanks for reading and the encouragement ! 😁


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