A Haiku, The Bees

Piggybacking on my previous “Spring haiku,” here is another spring-related haiku.

Nurturing flowers
Greet with conviviality
Bees rush to their sweets

Let me know what you think!
Thanks for reading!

Travis J. McRoy 2021 All Rights Reserved

25 thoughts on “A Haiku, The Bees

  1. It is a beautiful writing. Flowers, bees and sweet , all are beautiful.๐Ÿ˜Š

    Travis can you tell me the rules of writing hiku or how ro write a hiku?๐Ÿค”

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    1. Thanks for the compliment!
      Sure! A haiku typically sticks to subjects of nature, but more modern haikus have ventured out of that genre. The haikus I write typically follow the 5-7-5 structure. When I say 5-7-5, I mean:
      5 syllables for the first line
      7 syllables for the second line
      5 syllables for the third line
      You can use whatever words you want to make up the syllable count for each line. The idea is to make every word powerful and meaningful in some way that ultimately describes your intended topic.
      If you need assistance with counting out the syllables, I believe there are syllable counters online. With a quick search on a keyword like โ€œsyllable counter,โ€ you should get good results. Hope this helps! All the best! ๐Ÿ˜

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  2. Very nice, Travis. And whether you had intended to or not, I think that choice of “conviviality” is sterling: I can hear the bees as I read this aloud, and after all, how often can you use a word like that successfully in a form of verse? Very nice.

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    1. Thanks for the compliment! Oh yeah, on that second line I needed a word to sum it all up and be powerful, “conviviality” fit perfectly. I knew I had something special with it. That’s funny you say that, I thought the same exact thing about using a word like that. I said to myself if the opportunity is there you take it! Thanks again for the support I appreciate it!

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