A Poem, The Failed Deity

Dramatis Personae: An egotistical person that, by happenstance, stumbled across a tiny speck of a civilization to lord over.
Setting: Earth, parallel universe.

All praise me for your deity has come
Praise me until your jaws are broken
No mutiny under my thumb
Your fearsome God has spoken
I’ll rule with an iron fist
Put those able hands to labor
Or I’ll crush those who resist
Yes, that’s right, clutch thy neighbor
You are but specks, but I do see
I see you all conspiring
I demand you to serve me
I’m a fearsome God worth admiring
Do you feel the Earth itself tremble?
Even Earth fears me by falling in line
Erect a monument which I resemble
A beautiful tribute to me, my shrine
Why does the sun go black behind me?
The Earth trembles again as a figure blocks the sun
All praise me, your deity has arrived, drop to your knee
Tear down this blasphemous speck of a statute, or I shall shun
A God no more the failed deity crumbles in obedience
Now serving the giant deity, which eradicates with expedience

Let me know what you think!
Thanks for reading!

Travis J. McRoy 2021 All Rights Reserved

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