I hit 600 followers yesterday! Staying true to my previous follower achievement posts, I will share another fun fact about myself…okay, maybe two fun facts.

Fun fact: The first book I ever read was Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. I was in fourth grade. I brought it home from the school library and kept it hidden in my backpack, knowing my parents would not be happy with me reading it so young.

Fun Fact: I wrote previously about how I love to give gifts rather than receive. I once gifted a classic muscle car to my nephew that has been in the family for over twenty years. I wasn’t able to be there for him that much as an uncle growing up, so I gifted him the car as a Christmas present.
After my first child was born early, he required all of my time for care, so the car took a backseat in my life. Then we had our second child, and the car continued to collect even more dust in my garage.
In the end, my nephew’s raw emotional reaction made it all so worth it. He had ridden in the backseat as a toddler years ago in this same car and was absolutely in love with it his entire life. Anytime he’d visit, he’d be out in the garage sitting in the car, looking it over. People have called me “crazy” and “nuts” for just gifting it to him, knowing how much money, blood, sweat, and tears were put into the car, but hey, he’s my nephew, and he is family. I needed to pass the family heirloom on at some point. And also, I can care less about the money factor; building family values is way more important to me.
Additional fun fact: The car I gifted to him used to be his father’s (my older brother) car in high school!
I repurchased it from the person he sold it to years ago, thus bringing it back into the family.

Again, I’d like to say thank you so much for the support thus far!
I appreciate every comment and interaction and look forward to many more!

If you are reading this and not a follower of mine, please feel free to read over my blog, follow, like, etc., and I’ll show the same respect!

Short and sweet!
Thank you again for all of the support!!!!

70 thoughts on “600 Followers!

    1. Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it. I was going to add a photo of it, however, the pic I have of it; it is covered in dust. So, I just found a few pics from my nephew’s IG account so I’m going to update the post with the pics he has of it all cleaned up. It’s a 1987 Chevy Camaro. It was my brother’s first car and felt so good to gift it to his son. Talk about a surprise gift, right?! Haha. 😁👍

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    1. Thank you so much for the support, Susan. Glad you enjoyed the car story. It felt so good to give back in that way. I knew it meant alot to him and even my brother when he processed it all. My brother, sold it because he needed the money. He always asked about the car so I knew deep down he missed it very much. 😊

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    1. Yes! Goosebumps is also another great series! Yes. I remember doing the same with Scary Stories. I use to look at the cover of the book (the original cover) until I scared myself. That entire series was pretty great too. Ahhhh nothing like a trip down memory lane.


    1. Hi Sophia! Thank you for stopping by. I am glad you enjoyed the post! It was a great car and still is… Thanks for sending support and encouragement. I appreciate it very much and hope we chat in the future! 😁


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