A Poem, Together

This poem depicts the need of having someone to help fight your battles. Someone who can pick you up when you fall. It’s always good to have that type of support to lean on when faced with such tribulations. We all need that “rock” in our lives, so in short, this poem was written as a dedication.

You face the world in your mask of lies
Nothing is right in the world that you feel
You look in the mirror to perfect your disguise
I offer you relief from the pain you conceal
I won’t let you fall on your sword
You cling to exist on a cliff of despair
I’ll restore faith in this life you adored
With your emotions fogging the air
Undo the weights and chains in your mind
Let me take your vexations of life away
Together we have the strength to unbind
It’s time to wake your soul and return to the fray
Let’s feast upon your fears and doubts tonight
It’s time to bark back and stand up and fight

Let me know what you think!
Thanks for reading!

Travis J. McRoy 2021 All Rights Reserved

36 thoughts on “A Poem, Together

  1. Beautiful. It reminds me of my Lord and Savior who restores my faith and love in myself and others. My Redeemer who is my rock, my refuge and my fortress.

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  2. “I won’t let you fall on your sword”….

    My heart just burst. It is not weak to need that person who can ground you and keep you centered. This piece you wrote is gravitating and I admit that I read it more than once. Lol.

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    1. It really tugged on the heartstrings, didn’t it? Hehe, good! I really dug deep with it, evoking the emotions. Exactly! It is not weak at all to need someone in that way. You said it perfectly, “keep you centered.” The voice of reason, as thoughts wander, they pull you back into being centered. The best part is it is a two-way street with both involved being able to confide. Glad you liked this one, and it is the best comment ever to read that you read it more than once! It made my day! So now I have this little twinkle in my eye, an ear-to-ear grin, and a hop in my step. So thank you for that, Ali! 😁😊

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      1. Uhh yeah. Extremely moving and it really did pull the heartstrings. Also, it definitely is a two-way street. Two sides of a coin to make a whole. So, thank you for writing this! I can see I am not the only one who enjoyed reading this. 🙃

        And yes! Score! Glad I could lighten your day up a little extra today 😊

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      2. I don’t know why but your “Uhh yeah” made me legit laugh out loud. I think because I instinctively read it as a “Uhh yeah-duhhh” type of comment lol. You’re welcome. I do enjoy writing these deep emotion evoking poems. They take an emotional toll to get them all together but what a great emotional release. It feels good to get it out of the system I guess. Yeah! Looks like it grabbed a few likes and loving comments.☺️ I love the encouragement, it truly keeps me going, and feels good that so many others can relate.
        Yes! You truly did lighten my day! You win the day! Or at least the best comment award? For the day?🤔

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      3. Definitely feels good to write it out. And you definitely did. Just proves how much your writing moves people and connects with them. So again, don’t stop. Ever. And I’ll take it! Yes! *fist bump* Do I get an award for that? Lol. Just kidding! 😆

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      4. Yeah. You have a way with your writing too! You can tell you pour a lot into the content, and it translates. You definitely have passion in your work, so you better not stop either! I’ll have to think about the award thing again. I mean, another great comment…hmm…You know what…I like your style, congrats another award for you! Back to back to back great comments! I am going to plug your blog any chance I get just because of your awesome comments. If that is okay with you. Let me know!

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      5. Wow. Thank you! That means a lot to hear since I only started sharing my writing earlier this year. Therefore, I still consider myself a ‘newbie’ in this area. Lol. Heck yes! Killin’ it at this whole comment thing, haha.

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      6. Well you would never guess that at all! They are well done, so pleaaaassseeeee keep going!😁
        Awesome! YES you are! I appreciate the encouragement on these posts because it keeps me going. Very cool. I may reblog some of your posts and will also plug your stuff in my future posts. It’ll be awesome. I can see it now “Ali an avid doer of stuff and things” —sooo goood!😁🙌


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