A Haiku, Life Renewed

I am now on a kick of spring haikus; I can’t help it. Here is another spring-related haiku that came to mind this morning.

Nature’s ebb and flow
Song birds wake the dormant life
Life on Earth renewed

Let me know what you think!
Thanks for reading!

Travis J. McRoy 2021 All Rights Reserved

48 thoughts on “A Haiku, Life Renewed

  1. I’m little nervous Travis.

    I have a lot of fear inside me. I give up very easily when I face a problem. But I will try :


    Fear kills your dreams,
    belief gives you power and direction,
    don’t fear to dream.

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    1. Can’t be afraid to try, my friend. Good to see you shared it!
      It’s fine. I like it.
      1st line is 4 syllables
      2nd is 10 syllables
      3rd is 4 syllables
      The 5-7-5 structure is generally accepted as the traditional English haikus, but it’s widely subjective. The original Japanese haikus were known to be done with fewer syllables. Your 1st and 3rd lines are more in line with the traditional Japanese haikus, which is great. If you could bring your 2nd line down from 10 syllables to 7, you’ll have an even better haiku, if not excellent haiku! So if we turn this interaction into a little collaboration effort, using your 1st and 3rd line and shortening the 2nd line, I came up with this as an example:

      4-7-4 structure

      Fear kills your dreams,
      belief bestows confidence,
      don’t fear to dream.

      If you like the 2nd line change, feel free to use it as your own!
      Nonetheless, an excellent job, my friend! πŸ‘
      I just recently started writing haikus again. It has been years for me. So if I missed any key points I am sure the WP community will offer some excellent insight.


  2. the dormant life being woke up be spring❀❀i think this season automatically makes you feel better even if you dont think of it…the green the flowers and the freshness in the air❀it feels like a season of heaven on earthπŸ’―

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    1. Oh wow, thank you for the compliment, Sophia! It’s great to hear that you loved it. You’re welcome, it was my pleasure! Thank you so much for reading and the support. It is greatly appreciated! πŸ˜πŸ€—


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