I got a notification this morning that I hit 500 followers! The support in the WP community has been out of this world!
Hitting such a milestone, I figured it would be fun to continue with sharing some fun facts about myself. This time I’ll share 3 fun facts!

In no particular order….

Fun Fact #1) So this is a fun fact with multiple branches to it…
My favorite actor is James Stewart and my favorite actress is Grace Kelly. They both star in the movie Rear Window which also happens to be my favorite movie.

Fun Fact #2)
I work in the IT industry but also have the proclivity to DIY (do it yourself) on home projects. Here is a recent project I completed, adding a fireplace.



Fun Fact #3)
I love giving gifts instead of receiving them. In 2019 my wife and I donated five iPads to the local autism clinic where my son is a patient. The bottom line is that this technology helped us communicate with our son. I felt that with the clinic’s tireless efforts, it was time to give back to them, which felt great!

I can’t say enough how grateful I am! Thank you so much for the support thus far!
I appreciate every comment and interaction and look forward to many more!

If you are reading this and not a follower of mine, please feel free to read over my blog, follow, like, etc., and I’ll show the same respect!

Short and sweet!
Thank you again for all of the support!!!!

76 thoughts on “500 followers!

      1. Yes! Well said, it is so rewatchable. I actually watched it about two weeks ago. Not many actors can pull off being stuck in a room and wheelchair bound for an entire movie, James Stewart was incredible in it.

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  1. 🎈🎈Congratulations Travis for 500 followers. You are growing rapidly because of your beautiful poems and kindness. And I love you for the same. My best wishes to you and your family. Stay together and support each other. ❤

    Can you gift one tablet to me? Just kidding.😅😜

    I recommend new bloggers to follow your blog.💪

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    1. Thank you very much for the kind words, Lokesh! Thanks for being a part of it all. I’ve enjoyed our interactions and hope to have many more with you! You as well my friend, stay safe. Nice try with the tablet, that was funny! Haha!😁😂 Thanks for all of your support and encouragement along the way!

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  2. I have never commented before, but I really like how you weave stories into your poems. I find narrative poetry to be one of the toughest forms of poetry, but you do it so well. Congratulations!

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    1. Oh, wow! Thank you so much for the compliment. That is so good to hear that you enjoy them so much. I greatly appreciate your comment. I really try to create a unique and compelling story with each narrative poem I put together. Thank you for reading and all of your support. 😁🙌

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    1. Thank you! That was a fun project. I have remodeled my kitchen, finished my basement, and renovated rooms but never did a fireplace until that project. It was a fun experience! 🤗


  3. it’s more blessed to give than to receive is what the Bible teaches and you are a living exponent of this truth. No wonder I see you being blessed more and more….thank you for sharing this Travis. may the blessings continue on your family and may you all continue to thrive….will be cheering you on anytime, anywhere, anyhow.

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