A Haiku, The Earthquake

I figured I did a tornado haiku, so why not do an earthquake haiku, haha!

The 2nd line of this has a double meaning when you think of it. The Earth has faults, as do we, and sometimes they collide.

Plates shift, the ground quakes
The faults of the Earth collide
Mankind plays its part

Let me know what you think!
Thanks for reading!

Travis J. McRoy 2021 All Rights Reserved
Image by GieziUzziel from Pixabay 

36 thoughts on “A Haiku, The Earthquake

    1. Same here! I was at work when an earthquake hit. It was such a surreal moment. They are not very common where I live. The building I was in was new and built to withstand earthquakes. I remember years prior; people said it was a nice to have feature but non-sense that they spent money on it. They changed their tune after one hit, as the building took no damage while other buildings down the street weren’t so lucky.

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      1. With the one here, I was at home and had not been awake long. Just long enough to have the coffee brewed and began to make my way to this room. The epicenter was far enough away that there wasn’t any real damage here, just that jolt of confusion and my phone going crazy with relatives and neighbors wanting to know, “Did you feel that??”

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      2. Yes! The same exact feeling here as well. It was disbelief, everyone wondering if the building was really shaking. Such confusion. Then you look at the chandelier or hanging lights and say, “yes, they are definitely swinging.” Wow, what a thing to wake up to…I bet you were wondering if you were dreaming! “Is this real? Am I still dreaming?”

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      3. Truth be told, I’m not one to use swear words often. My maternal grandmother, may she rest in peace, was very proper and certain words were simply not said. But I believe that she would have forgiven my “What the hell was that?” at that particular moment. Of course that question was repeated and then answered over social media quickly.

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      4. We’re cut from the same cloth in that regard. I don’t swear much either. You probably noticed that in my work, no swear words. I agree, she would have forgiven you! I hope they stay far and few for us. 😁🙏

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  1. I thought of the time my Grandmother threw a plate into the sink and of course it smashed. I guess that was the idea because she was mad about something.
    I’m not sure that’s where you wanted to take us with your Haiku but I went there.
    Still, I did have fun reading this.


  2. Werewolves, tornados, earthquakes, oh my! What’s up tomorrow? A volcano?
    An interesting literary contrast to the spring flowers that recently flourished in your feed.
    Light or dark, gentle or violent, your haikus are magnificent!

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  3. I think your ambiguity works really effectively. Certainly, I started by thinking about and earthquake but by the end I was left thinking about the ways in which humans make the ground shake. Very clever, indeed.


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  4. I’ve never experienced an earthquake but I did experience aftershocks while I was in San Francisco. That was enough for me! Watching the ground move beneath my feet was unsettling. Excellent haiku!

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    1. Ugh! Yeah, no thanks on that feeling. I never experienced anything like that which I am fine with trust me, haha! A few swinging lights and confusion of “are we shaking?” was all I’ve been in. Thank you so much for the compliment, Eugenia! 🙌

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      1. I’m sure it was scary! So true. I remember reading and researching the advancements with detecting earthquakes. To this day, they are still extremely difficult to predict. I find it so shocking with all of the advancements in technology. They are really something else!

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  5. We all are part of a wide and continuously changing system. With time beliefs changes, thoughts evolve. You have describes the earthquake beautifully. It is meaningful.👍😁

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