A Poem, Knight’s Call

Dramatis Personae: An injured knight who is a prisoner of war. As he watches fellow prisoners getting executed, he decides to act luring and killing the guard. Time is of the essence as their freedom is slipping away. Following his given oath, he defends the helpless even if it means his death.
Setting: Castle prison

Hands bloodied as he drops to his knees
In pain, he claws, and screams
We must move before someone sees
Reality is the nightmare to their dreams
Face covered by a crimson mask
Thoughts of freedom dance in his mind
Unshackled, but no time to bask
A way out is what we must find
Take my hand and follow me
Be prepared to fight, and stand tall
If you desire to be free
It is time to answer the knight’s call
Let’s run for the castle gate
Live or die; we shall meet our fate

Let me know what you think!
Thanks for reading!

Travis J. McRoy 2021 All Rights Reserved

13 thoughts on “A Poem, Knight’s Call

    1. Thank you for saying that! When I write, I put the suspense on a pedestal, and love building up the anticipation. Movies like Rear Window and the tv show The Twilight Zone (original series) taught me so much in the ways of writing. I love the medieval period as well! I set aside a month and binge on movies from that period. I can’t get enough of them sometimes. I’m glad you enjoyed the poem so much! 🙃🤗

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      1. You are most welcome. Excellent movie and show. I miss watching the original TZ series. Bravo on your binge selection. I loved teaching stories related to that period when I taught HS. The Legend of King Arthur being one of my favorite movies and stories. 🤺⚔

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      2. Excellent choice. I taught British Lit for many years and always loved teaching pieces and stories that highlighted knight life. haha Bad joke, I know. Have a wonderful writing weekend!

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    1. Oh, wow, The Iliad, what a fun read. I can definitely see how my poem would be relatable to that! What uncanny timing to have read The Iliad and then stumble on my poem. Aww, you are too kind!🥰 I’m glad you love them, and I greatly appreciate the support and interactions.😊

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