Experience Nature’s Majesty to Clear Your Mind

Writing can be a grueling process, as we all know. The subject matter, content, and the overall quality of writing all suffer if we suffer mentally. Finding a happy place for meditation becomes a staple for anyone pursuing a writing career.

For the longest time, working out was an excellent release for me and helped clear my mind. However, I came to the summation that I needed another gateway for unlocking my mind.

A few years ago, I was racking my brain on what I can do to keep my motivation up. I was going through some trying times and was beginning to degrade mentally. My wedding was coming up in a month, and my friends and I decided to do something relaxing for my bachelor party. I suggested we go camping at the Finger Lakes in New York. My friends echoed that sentiment and, without hesitation, dug in with setting up the trip. The trip was refreshing as we spent the time camping and fishing. I quickly realized something from that trip, the joy I was missing out on was nature.

I figured I’d share some pictures and videos of why I use nature as part of my mental recharging process and a quote that spawned from one of my nature walks.

To me, the pictures speak for themselves. However, I will add a quick caption:
We encountered over 20 waterfalls ranging from anywhere between eleven feet to ninety-four feet in height for this trip. Though the terrain was rough and challenging, trekking through it all was well worth it when the payoff is to see the majesty of these waterfalls.  

I have traveled back to this area multiple times since my first hike there. It has become a staple in my process of clearing my mind.

I now make it a point to travel there at the beginning of spring, summer, and autumn.

Here is a quote that spawned from my visits to this beautiful location that I ended up using in a story of mine:

The waterfalls, majestic in appearance yet rage like a person’s mind when it begins to unfurl—beauty in one hand yet madness in the other. Drink in the waters of this majesty, and understand its beauty. Do not break in anger, relax and focus, and lay thy burdens down.”

Whenever I begin to struggle with writing, I take a step back and return to my happy place. It is necessary to purge whatever self doubt that has crept in. It washes away all of the negative thoughts and renews me so I can start again. It is not a race that part is essential to understand as one can burn themselves out and resent their efforts in the process. It is a journey and another chapter in one’s life; make the most of it and never be afraid.

Thanks for reading!

14 thoughts on “Experience Nature’s Majesty to Clear Your Mind

  1. I happen to click on your name and came to this post, it was such a confirmation in my own life and the journey I just embarked on. The last two days I have been spending time outside, while nature here is hard to find, sometimes we have to settle for the gnarled tree growing outside and the palm trees in the distance, it is amazing how much it can spark a writing session. Thank you for this!

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    1. Oh wow! Talk about being in the right place at the right time! Timing is everything and I am glad I was able to relate to you in such a way. Nature is so cathardic in that manner. It is like a natural cleanser of the mind to just get out and enjoy and relieve our minds a bit. Thank you for reading, it is greatly appreciated!

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