A Poem and The Seed of Thoughts

It’s hard to believe that this little doggerel style poem turned into a Twenty Chapter Novel for me:

The Walking Man:

He walks up and down the streets at night,
Protected from the daylight.
He feeds on the soul’s fright,
So, don’t get in his sight.
He wants what you have that being your soul,
His favorite thing to do is to swallow you whole.
It looks like an elderly man, but that’s just for jest,
If you get close enough, he’ll tear through your chest.
The welcoming sound of his soft whistle,
Will poke through your mind like a jagged thistle.
Heed this warning, run if you still can,
Beware of The Walking Man.

I will never forget the night the poem came to me. I was just getting ready for bed, and the first verse came to me. I quickly wrote it down. I got into bed, and I kept dancing with the first verse in my head and finished it as:

He walks up and down the streets at night,

Protected from the daylight.

I thought to myself, “interesting, I may have something to play with here in terms of a fun little poem.”

For the next twenty minutes, the rest of the poem just poured out of me.

I quickly jotted down the potential plots to the story.

256 pages later, the novel was born.

Inspiration hits so unpredictably!

Just be sure to have something handy to jot down your random thoughts. They are like little seeds. Plant them, and keep nurturing them, and they will grow!

Thanks for reading!


Travis J. McRoy 2021 All Rights Reserved.

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