To The Father, a Daughter

I will start off by saying I do not have a daughter. I have two young sons that I love very much. However, that does not mean that I do not think about what it would be like to have a daughter. I always try to daydream about the type of father I would be to her. I always ask myself questions like, “would I be the type of father pounding my fist when a young man pulls up to the house to take her to dinner and a movie? Or would I be the type of father to smile and wave and shake the young man’s hand and wish them the best?” I like to think that it would be a mix of both because I am naturally very protective of my children and very respectful to everyone I meet. Needless to say, I would most likely have a happy countenance for the occasion.

So at this point, one may be asking themselves, “why is this sap writing a blog about being a father to a daughter when he doesn’t have one?”

I’m not! The blog is over! I’m just joking, please don’t leave.

My rebuttal, I suppose, would be that in a recent novel that I wrote, I had to put myself into the mind of a character and ultimately had to immerse myself in what it would feel like to be in his position. He has a daughter that he loves very much, but certain situations arise that keep him from seeing her. It weighs on his mind throughout the novel, and he finally decides to defy the antagonist in the story and visit her. I kept that previous sentence vague on purpose to not post any spoilers for my novel.

Out of the twenty chapters in the novel, that chapter was the most emotional. It tugged on my heartstrings, to be honest. So I figured it’d be a good idea to pass on some good vibes and a positive message depicting how I would feel towards my daughter by sharing a visual with the chapter introduction included.

The intention of the above writing was to give the vibe of “the father is the first true love of the daughter.”

Parents tend to go out of their comfort zone and continuously challenge themselves to find ways to communicate with their children as they get older. The character in my novel does just that. He writes a poem for his daughter, which he calls doggerel, but I don’t think it’s too bad! You be the judge!

It is called “A father’s love for his daughter.”

The night you were born changed my life forever,

I was a man without purpose until I touched your hand,

Your existence so pure and true renewed me, however,

It was then that I began to understand,

The evils of this world have no dominion on a soul so pure,

A father’s love for his daughter is without condition,

Your infectious smile and laughter were my cure,

Such love would make even the most unrighteous express contrition,

Grab the world and hold it in the palm of your hand, my dear,

To a father, the daughter is his world, holding her so humble,

Understand that the unknowns in life deserve respect but not fear,

From the first steps to your adversities in life, I will be there to catch you when you stumble,

With Grace and majesty, the daughter walks through this life,

The father, so proud of such a creation, is filled with love and absent of strife.

At this point in my life, I will probably have to continue living vicariously through my friends who have daughters and even my sons if they grow up to have daughters.
Anyway, I hope I achieved my goal of passing on some positive vibes by writing this blog and really wish the best to everyone who reads it.

Feel free to comment. I love to hear feedback on the poems or the overall messages I am trying to convey.
Thanks for reading!

Travis J. McRoy 2021 All Rights Reserved.

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